So you're getting married

We are here to make you look your best and make you feel as comfortable as possible in a perfectly tailored wedding suit made just for that big day. All it takes is a few minutes and a few clicks through our online store. And if it's a few suits you need for an entire wedding party, it's just as easy, and we'll make it even more affordable.

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Custom wedding suits for groomsmen, families, guests and others?
Great, let's make it more special.

How to place a wedding group order?
As it is a custom-made world, it is better to place the order one by one with each one's measurement. Just please let them know the item to purchase, the discount code and the time to order. We can also do this for you with their emails.
How much discount can we get?

• Wedding group order of 2-10 suits will be given a 25% off the entire order(including shirts, accessories etc);

• Wedding group order of 11-20 suits will be given a 30% off the entire order;

• Wedding group order of more than 20 suits, please contact us for largest discount.

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  • How do we ensure the measurements are accurate?

    Follow our instructional videos and you can't go wrong. With the help of a friend and a tape measure, you can get your exact measurements in just 10 minutes. Our in-house tailors will also double-check all measurements submitted, so if something doesn’t look right, we’ll email you and let you know.

  • We cannot decide which one to order. Do you have any fabric samples to send first?

    Yes, we have fabric swatches to order first. Please check it on this page:

  • What is the best time to start with ordering?

    Usually speaking, the whole process will take 3 weeks. So it is better to order 5 weeks before the wedding. Then there will be enough time to check the measurements.

  • Does everyone in the wedding party need to order together?

    You can either pay for the entire order under one account with multiple measurement profiles, or individual members of your party can order separately. However, when ordering individually, all measurements and payments must be submitted at the same time to ensure the availability of the chosen fabric. Those who do not complete their order on time are not guaranteed the fabric remains available. We understand that planning a wedding can get busy, so to help you with this, please contact our office at 347-689-7673. We are here to help you out.