We Care About Your Look

Welcome to OWNONLY, an online custom tailored menswear brand that focuses on making the best menswear available. Our philosophy is to produce suits and shirts that any man can proudly wear.

Bespoke Menswear

No matter what your style, OWNONLY has the perfect style and fabric for you. We offer a wide array of fabrics, which come from top-tier weavers. Once you've picked a style and fabric, there are a variety of personalized options to consider including pockets, buttons, lapels, and more. Also, don't forget the monogram you want embroidered on the inside to make it really yours.

Traditional Tailoring with Advanced Technology

We use hand-tailoring methods along with modern assembly techniques and modern machinery to make the highest quality menswear available. We take men's formalwear seriously and we don't ever compromise.

Suit Construction

The construction of a suit is critical in the creation of high-quality menswear. And the benefit of a tailored suit is the personalized fit but also the durability that will last a lifetime.

Incorporate Your Individuality

By incorporating hand tailoring and modern technology, we can craft a personalized suit for any man. From hand-sewn bullhorn buttons to hand-turned collars to the finest crafted details, you're guaranteed to have a suit made just for you.

Our Work

Thanks to almost 400 different methods for construction (cutting, pressing, and sewing), we are able to provide fully customizable menswear just the way you want. And with an endless amount of options, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you need.