Why you need to customize online

You should look best in what fits you best.

Traditional tailors are expensive and make you wait. We aren’t and you shouldn’t have to wait.

Our wide range of customizable options allow you to define your look and style.

Our online custom tailors offer the highest quality detailed custom wear at affordable prices.

The Benefits of OWNONLY


We deliver your custom order to your doorstep 25 days or less.

Partnering with FedEx & DHL

Worldwide free shipping is available via FedEx’s 4-day delivery for orders over $99. Express 2-day delivery is also available through DHL at an additional charge.

Tape Measure & Swatch Card

Get up to 16 fabric swatches for $19 for a standard shipping and handling fee. And if you create an OWNONLY account, we will credit that account $19 for any future purchases.

Customer Care

Our experienced customer service team is here to answer any questions and offer you the best customer experience possible.

Enjoy Discounted Prices

Since we only offer customizable clothing, we don't keep any extra overstock. That saves us on cost and you on price.

We Even Suit Your Budget

Our custom-tailored suits start as low as $259.

Only the Finest Fabrics


Suit Fabric

We use world famous fabrics in our suit construction such as Lora Piana, Zegna, and Reda. Our basic suits are a woven Super160 wool which is comparable to Savile Row, the UK Royal standard.


OWNONLY suits use Bamber linings made from the highest quality natural cotton linter material. Signatures of today’s modern high-end menswear, our buttons use natural bullhorn, corozo, and mother of pearl.

Shirt Fabric

Our shirts are made from the luxury Italian fabric producer Canclini as well as China’s top tier fabric producer luthai.

World-class Fabric Suppliers

Second Tier Suit Fabric Suppliers

Shirt Fabric Suppliers

OWNONLY craftsmanship


OWNONLY suits use a top-half canvas construction and undergo over 100 quality assurance verifications to ensure that each product will last. Innovative production along with low processing costs cuts our prices in half compared to standard menswear brands.

Inner Lining

We are dedicated to creating products of the highest quality that do not deteriorate over time. In order to increase durability in each suit’s construction, we use a horse hair lining which is known for its “memory” that keeps the suit looking new with the same elegant drape each time you wear it.

Natural Materials

OWNONLY suits are constructed from the highest quality natural materials in order to maintain a long life for each and every one of our products.

Quality Construction

Through skilled craftsmanship and a high attention to detail, our products are made to be the highest quality products on the market and we stand by that.


We pay attention to the details, and our tailors handcraft these details with each specific order.

Custom-Tailoring Made Easy

Choose Your Style

We have a number of different styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for formal business attire or something more casual, you will find it in our collection. We will also recommend shirts and ties that are the best combination for the look you are going for.

Customize The Suit

After you choose your style of suit, you’ll find options on how to fully customize your suit. From the cut of the lapel to the cuffs and buttons, you get to choose exactly the suit you need.

Measure and Order

It wouldn’t be a tailored suit if we didn’t first take your measurements. So we have prepared a video to show you how to take your own measurements from the comfort of your home. All you need is a tape measure and a friend to help, and we’ll tailor a suit perfect for you.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“I had an excellent experience with OWNONLY from start to finish. The suit customization and sizing was enjoyable and easy to do. Customer service went above and beyond to satisfy me! The best part was the overall quality of the suit; the materials, fit, and styling could not have been better. I would HIGHLY recommend OWNONLY. There is no better value out there. Thanks again.”

- Kevin Lutsch

Chicago, United States

“Suit arrived in just over 3 weeks and I am pleased with the results. Quality material and construction. Fit was spot on. Only two adjustments were required: sleeves needed shortening and seat needed to be let out. OWNONLY customer service was good with email communication and I was reimbursed my local tailor's costs for adjustments. I am pleasantly surprised by the positive experience and results from OWNONLY and would recommend taking a look.”

- Anthony Yu

Ontario, Canada

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